How It Works

I provide the exact same services as I do in my dental office—but I come to you. I fit, adjust, and finalize your dentures in a series of three to four visits to your home. It’s an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to get the dentures you need, at a price you can afford.

I accept most private insurance, as well as cash, check, or VISA/MasterCard.

Initial Visit

First, I examine your jaws and soft tissue, which includes an oral cancer screening. After determining that you are a good candidate for dentures, I make a highly accurate impression of your jaw structure, using a soft paste.  We’ll also select the shade, or color, of the teeth at this visit.

I take this impression to a local denture technician, who then makes wax rims that I will use to record your bite. This is exactly the same process that I used in making dentures in my office, except now it is more convenient for you.

Second Visit

I bring the wax rims, and record your bite and take measurements for the proper aligning of your teeth.

Third Visit

I return with the wax rims, which now has your new "teeth" set in the wax. It's a rough draft of what your finished denture will be. I will ensure that the bite is correct and you are pleased with how they look. With your approval, I then deliver the wax cast of your denture to my local denture technician for processing and polishing.

Fourth Visit

I return with your finished dentures.  I will check the denture for fit and comfort, and make any necessary adjustments. I will then explain how to care for your dentures.

Adjustments to your dentures may be necessary from time to time. There is no extra charge for this service for as long you have the dentures.